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2020 Big Beers Festival 20th Anniversary Celebration.
Colorado Craft Brewers Guild, Salida Festival.

Misty Gordon Creative is a small creative shop located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Focused on content; specifically typography and imagery to create a strong, visually stimulating message.  I am proud to say that I have been designing pieces for many of my clients for years. 

Creating long term relationships with my clients allows us to grow their brand and business together, generating cohesive marketing.  It provides an opportunity to really get to know and understand the businesses strategies and goals and assists in communicating honestly and effectively. 

         Wanna make something wonderful? 

Let's Brand it! 

Thanks for submitting!
"A good designer finds an elegant way to
                         put everything you need on a page.

        A great designer convinces you
​                    half that sh*t is unnecessary."  
~ Mike Monteiro
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